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soo heres the situation. i have a butt load of 2lb line "p line fluro COATED" and i also have 4lb trilene xt clear. so heres the deal. what would be recomended for the white river? and i do not have an extra spool for my browning ultralight reel. i have not found a way to pruchase a spare.

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I would start out with the 4# with the water flyling through like it is for two reasons. 1. The fish wll not get lots of time to see the line with 4 or more generators running and that is what has been happening most of the time lately. 2. If you get a 2+ pounder on which is always likely on the white and break off due to light line and fast current you will kick youself all the way to the car to load up with with the heaver line. If the bite is slow you can always tie on 50 yards of additional 2# on the end of the 4# to see if it helps to pick up fish.

BTW you can just open the first post and scroll down to the bottom where you originally posted it and delete it. The original sender can do this or admin only.

Thom Harvengt

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