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Letter From A Farmer


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That was awesome. Having grew up on a farm I understand his enthusiasm to obtain meat. I let my wife read it, she is an avid reader and a librarian. Her question was, "who is this moron?". We live in the country and have deer all over our property. She did not have any idea that mother nature was so violent!!

That's good stuff, even Beesen can't top that!


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The difference between being domesticated and being wild and having to fend for yourself.

Similarities between nature and society are often interesting and profound:

If an animal is led to the trough to feed daily with little effort and sheltered without any contribution soon they are easily led to the slaughter wihtout struggle until it is too late to find any recourse.

Thom Harvengt

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Don ..... great story. Here's a crazy story about fishing and deer. It was our first trip to Lake Huites, Mexico to fish for bass. Having no idea what the trip was really like, my buddy Tom and I arrived in Los Mochis, MX and were picked up by the lodge. After driving what seemed like forever through some freakin' remote parts and picking up the local police on the way to the lodge, we arrived at the lodge for a good meal. We woke up in the morning, had a good breakfast and headed out to fish. We were assigned a guide named Felipe.

Anyway, we caught several nice bass in the first hour .... things slowed down a bit and we decided to head to another spot. Along the way, Felipe noticed something black in the water and started hollering (in Spanish) and gesturing. I finally figured out that he wanted me to drive the boat toward toward the black thing in the water while he stood in the front of the boat. I drove up to this thing in water and it was a deer that was swimming across the lake. Felipe then fashioned a lasoo out of the anchor rope and roped that sucker on the first try. Then, all hell broke lose.

After much splashing and holding on, Felipe ran to the back of the boat (while Tom was in a state of catatonic shock) and wrapped the rope around a boat cleat. Then we headed to the bank with the deer. Needless to say the deer expired on the way to the shore.

Once beached on the bank, Felipe hollered at the top his lungs and a few minutes later a guy came walking over the hill and picked up this deer and carried it off. I guess Mexican deer are pretty small and estimated this deer at no more than 50 lbs.

By the time we got to the lodge for lunch. Word had spread through the hills that Felippe had roped a deer and he was a hero. PC

Cheers. PC

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