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The Weekend Report


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Since saturday.. Ive been on the water ..

saturday day..

fished the Branson Landing area throwing silver/blue little cleos..

strikes were fast and hard, They would hook themselfes everytime they hit.

the main key was a very slow retrieve with an small jerk here and there.

fish total: not many.. but enough to make a meal (4)... plus the few that were released...

fished maybe 2 hours total.


same place..

I must have caught them all on Saturday, I did walk away catching 1 in 2 hours..

Sunday night

The dam.

High water (707.5 / 4 units), slow fishing, but still caught a few fish.

I met up with Daniel and Dustin last about 8pm, We rigged up the rods and started fishing outlet 2. We started with midges/sowbugs.. picking up a couple. Switch the sowbug to an egg, picked up a few more.

we headed up top to outlet 1 to through a few streamers.. PMS, pine squirrels, Mohawks scuplins, All picked up some fish. They wouldn't stay on a "steady" strip, we had to change about every 2-3 fish just to get a few more..

Back to the pavillion for some more coffee. Back to outlet 2 with the midge/ dropper, And pick up a few more... changing the dropper ever so often... Roo bugs, SJ Worms, eggs, sowbugs... we'd catch a few fish and they would stop. But everytime we tyed on something new it was in the first few cast for the take.

we call it a night around 3:am....

Monday night.

hit the water about 8pm, water not as high as it has been (4th step up on outlet 2).

Started with a midge/sowbug, catching 1 fish..

well a short time later I noticed the water was dropping.. So I head to outlet1..

rigged for a streamer.. You guessed it the PMS.

as I got up there, The guys I had out with me the night before was there fishing.. I stood there for a few minutes watch them each pull in a few fish.

I started talking to them, and I toss in the PMS.. NAILED one on the first cast..

so he put his on, and with in a few minutes we were catching fish after fish..

His buddy across from us had one on too..

Here is a story for you..

they were standing on each side (one was close to the dam, The other was cross the outlet.. were I was standing)..

the one I was standing sets the hook...

WOW.. this fish has some Weight.. he says..

then we notice the other one across from us had a fish on too.. yes it turn out to be the same fish. Both flies in the fishes mouth.. how I dont know.. but this fish took 2 PMS's (size6) at the same time..

I ended up leaving about mid-night catching some really nice bows.

I going to guess they shut it down to about 2 maybe 3 units last night.. it started to drop out fast


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