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Flood Pics, St. Francis R.

Al Agnew

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Drove down to the St. Francis River at Tieman Shut-in (Millstream Gardens) this morning. At the time we were there, it had just started to drop slightly from a high of over 17 feet (14.5 feet above normal) at the gage a few miles upstream, and was flowing at 45,000 cubic feet per second at the next gage downstream.

Here is what the river normally looks like:post-218-1205956466_thumb.jpg

Here is what it looked like from the same spot today:post-218-1205956685_thumb.jpg

Here is the entrance to Tieman Shut-in:post-218-1205956599_thumb.jpg

Here is a close-up of the rapids...I'd say at least class 5 at this level, probably class 6 (limit of navigability):post-218-1205956640_thumb.jpg

However, this is not the highest I've seen it. Here is a view during low water. Note the arrow pointing to the big rock:post-218-1205956763_thumb.jpg

Here is today. Note the arrow pointing to the same rock:post-218-1205956527_thumb.jpg

Here it is, same view, during the deer season flood of November, 1994. Note that the arrow points to the same rock...which is entirely submerged!post-218-1205956561_thumb.jpg

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