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3/15 Fishing Report

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Fished below the dam saturday. Didn't have any luck in the morning, but later on in the afternoon it started picking up a little. A buddy of mine caught a 4# walleye and the guy next to pulled in several whites and a hybrid. I think once the water temp warms up a few more degrees it will really pick up. Hopefully I'll be able to make it down this weekend again.

The best time to fish is when it's raining . . . and when it's not!

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Jenny at the station asked me to post this a week ago... just found it. Hope she start reporting again soon....

Yes, it is that time of year again. Fishing fever is high and Tylenol ain't helping. To answer the question on many folks mind, Yes, it is worth getting out there already. Is it outstanding? No, not yet but definitely fair to good most days. And at this point in the season it is well worth coming out of hibernation to breath some fresh air and take your chances on some good fishing. Walleye are coming in occasionally, some reported of size, 9-10lb. range. Crappie are biting but very light so those equipped to handle the light bite are catching some nice sized fish. The whites are also starting to hit. A few rumors of big cats here and there at night, but I'm not so convinced those aren't just rumors. But then again, what is fishing without a tall tale here and there? Don't forget to stop in and get your 2008 fishing License. We're pretty sure the game warden will not forget your old one has expired.

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