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Fishing Report 3/22


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Got a late start because of some boat issues. Put in at Cooper and ran to the Dam. It was my first time up the lake past Fall Creek and it was interesting just to see something different. Pulled up short of the cable and made a drift with mixed color glo balls and a 3/16 oz bell sinker. In the shallower water it held bottom most of the time. I found out that I needed to upsize my glo balls. We had several fish pull off the small hooks. Bottom fish took a few so we hung it up and moved towards Branson.

Across from Scotty's we picked up a couple of rainbows and power bait and lost one. Moved down a little further for nothing. Ended up at the mouth of Roark and caught a couple more in short order. That covered the meat fishing.

Found bass holding shallow in a couple of areas on the main lake but out of the current. Most were in 2-4 foot of water with some fish holding close by in 6-8 foot. For being 46-48 degrees they bit pretty good on a stick 0 and bass magic.

Looks like I may give it a try again late in the week. I will try putting in at the Branson campground ramp though. Cooper was a little dicey with the current.

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  • Root Admin
Cooper was a little dicey with the current.

It would have helped if MDC would have built their ramps alittle higher up on the bank. Can't use the courtesy docks without getting wet.

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MOBass thanks for the report.. I will be down there on Taney Tuesday and give the bass fishing a try, heck right now Table Rock is toast!! I was talking with a few other guides down here and 8 hour trips this weekend produced nothing! I will report if anything comes of it.. I have heard a few guys talking about the bass fishing up around Rockaway Beach, so away I go.. As far as cooper creek I have been using my chest waders to launch the boat and then tie up to the dock and then wade back to the truck, what a pain, but it works. I hope the MDC takes a good look at all of this and makes some changes with there ramps and docks on Taneycomo and Table Rock.

Good Fishing Everyone

Capt. Don

Capt. Don House
Branson Fishing Guide Service
Table Rock Lake and Taneycomo Lake
Branson MO


Branson Fishing Guide Service Website

Pro Staff for G3 Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Humminbird Electronics, Minnkota Trolling Motors, Grandt Custom Rods, Ardent Reels, Seaguar, Berkley-Fishing

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Too bad they didn't take high water events into account when they put the ramps in. Have you checked the ramp at the campground? The dock there looks useable at least. I'll be down again sometime between Thurs. and Saturday. I want to hit the creeks and see if I can stir up some bass around Branson. If not I'll probably run to Rockaway or further. At least the trout are still biting so I can at least feel something on the line. If nothing else this will be an intersting year.

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