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Report For Monday 3/24

Pour Dennis

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Launched from the road at Big Bay Monday morning. Water was not too dirty but it was pretty stained. We started throwing jigs in tight to the trees and bushes with no bites. Water temps never got to 50. Later in the day I decided to pull out to where I thought the water line should be this time of year. The boat was sitting in about 20 ft when a 3 1/2 lb kentucky took my 3/16 shakey head with a margarita mutilator roboworm. I was thinking that the fish would be in that range, but after reading the report by Phil, it seems that the fish are still roaming looking for food. I fished all day Sunday with SKMO and only had one bite flipping a jig in the brush. We went out of Big Indian then. With a club tournament coming up this Saturday I am beginning to believe that it might just take one fish to win the whole thing.

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