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Lodging and shuttle recommendations

Rodger Robbins

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I have three questions if anybody can help me. I have never been on the Eleven Point but have read many good things about it and enjoy reading the postings here.

1. Can anyone recommend a place to shuttle my canoe on the Eleven Point near some quality water?

2. Is there a place to stay (motel, etc.) nearby?

3. I will be driving down from St. Louis, which is the best way to come down? 44 to 63 or 67 to 60.

Thanks for any help.

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Either of those ways will work just fine, though I prefer the 63 route. when I go to and from St. Louis, I go 44 to St. James, 68 to Salem, and 19 to Alton. It is a crooked route, but shorter. My shop is at 19 and 160 in Alton. You can rent houses for the price of a hotel that are very nice. I'd call in the following order.

Rosemary 417-778-7782

Daisy 417-778-6164

If you can't get a place there, let me know and I'll look for another place.

I do shuttles and my number is 417-778-6497. If I'm not there, leave a message and I'll get back to you. We are open by reservation this time of year, so call first.

Brian Sloss




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