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Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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Water continues to move... We were at the Branson Belle yesterday morning where I noticed the water there was really stained and of course high. I thought why weren't we getting this stained water over the top of the dam? Well my wishes were granted... so to speak. When I returned home our water was stained just like the lake. Good thing? Bad thing? I think it's good cause slightly stained water is better than clear water in most cases when fishing for anything.

We have a big company group in this week and they are using Bill, Vince, Buster and Tim. Most of them have been going down to Roark and limiting on rainbows using jig/gulp and float. That's a gulp egg on a jig head under a float 4-5 feet deep. Vince took his group up to Lookout and drifted the shallow flat using egg fly/san juan fly on a drift rig and doing well too. They're catching quite a few 16 inch rainbows vince said were colored up beautiful and fat.

No one is going all the way to the dam. I would think by now they'd be keying in on white jigs but I don't have a boat to head up to try it. Mine is rented out and so are all our other boats. I'm landlocked!

Drifting power eggs in the Monkey Island area down thru the bridges is pretty good too and the rainbows are good sized. But you have to get whatever you're using to the bottom cause that's where the fish are.

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