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The Getaway


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Thought I'd share this "first" at Taneycomo.

This past week, we were in town for a SEMA Conference but we were able to fish each evening...

mainly cause Phil allowed us to rent a boat stall at his place to store my boat each night.

Thanks Phil!

Anyway, my report isn't real good because I had serious engine issues and had to quit sooner than anticipated.

But clear water was coming thru the generators and colored water over the spillway.

If you ran up to the cable and fished the clear side....fish could be aggressive.

Once the colors all mixed; it wasnt very good for us.

One eve we were down (like everyone else) at Roark.

As we finished and were drifting back towards Taney's main flow,

I looked up and saw two gals wading across Roark up to their necks.

(I guess, mostly they were swimming.)

I pointed them out to the guys in my boat when I heard someone yell,

"Stop right there! Stop! Don't go any farther!!"

It was the police.

My guess is these two gals had shoplifted at the Landing and had been chased down the bank

until they ran out of land so they went right in.

Water temp on my gauge said 53 degrees. Oooooooo! :blink:

The smaller of the two stopped and turned around, wading back out on land to the policemen.

Her bags (wet) were confiscated and she was promptly cuffed.

But the larger girl kept going across.

The police continued to yell for her to stop.

She finally made it to one of the docks on the far shore and began struggling to climb out.

There wasn't a ladder and she was having quite a time with it.

I began to worry that the cold water might take it's toll on her so I asked the police if I should help her out of the water??

I don't believe they answered me.

Finally, the girl was able to get a leg up on the dock and swing herself up.

She stood up on the dock and again the officers told her "Stop. You wait right there!!!"

She ignored them, adjusted her thong which had climbed halfway up her back, :blush:

and started up the ramp off the dock...

Wet jeans, shopping bags & all.

We could hear the sirens in town.

So then I asked the officers if they wanted a ride across????

They said no, that officers were on the way.

Quite a time on Roark.

A few trout.

A few white bass.

A few black bass.

And a couple o' gals making their getaway!!

You know.......Taneycomo just ain't like it used to be. ;)

Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads,

you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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A story well told is always a wonder and always welcome. Thank you.

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I know what you mean.... about a month ago I was below the dam and these 3 kids about 14-17 years old tried to run off with the extra rod I had sitting on the bank about ten yards behind me. I stopped them before they got away, but when they came back to leave they started throwing rocks down into the hole we were fishing and were cussing us out. I took off my vest off and put down my rod and then started walking up the bank and then they ran off. Absolutely ridiculous....I know that it's a public water way, but if your just going to screw around...just take it somewere else.

Zach Smith

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