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Walley Fishing On Greers Ferry


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morning all,

i'll be taking a few days the first part of june to head up to the lake. im wanting to do some walley fishing. im familiar with the bottom bouncing tech. just wondering if any of you know of a really good spot i could try. i'll have the wife with me so i'll need a spot that i can out fish her in. any idea's would be appreciated.

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Well, June will be finishing up a really good bite from late this spring. It's really all going to depend on how much water we have in the lake at the time your here. Keep watching the posts and I'll keep you up to date as it draws near.


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i've only fished GF for walley a few yrs now. the only spots i know of are around shiloh swimming area. theres a pretty long flat along there, however the last 2 yrs i didnt do very well like in yrs past in that spot. i dont know if they move from yr to yr or what. im just thinking as big as that lake is, there must be many area's that hold walley in mid summer that i dont know about. as for the wife? i've already spooled her reel up with special fishing line. LOL

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