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Spring Fly Box

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I just moved back to West Plains this year after being gone for 11 years. Unfortunately, I didn't start fly fishing until I moved. I'm looking forward to getting to know the NFOW again this year. I was hoping someone could help me get my fly box together for this spring. What else am I going to do right now but tie flies? I have to admit. I really don't even know where to start with this river. But I really would like to have a good appreciation of my home water instead of trekking to Mtn. Home every weekend.

I also wonder how the fishing progresses throughout the year. Is there a predictable pattern for available food for the trout?

Suggestions of flies with sizes and color for this spring would be greatly appreciated. Take care everyone hopefully we will have some fishable water soon.

I just stumbled onto Brian Wise's blog from a link. Pretty tremendous stuff Brian. Thanks for putting the effort into it. I really am impressed by some of your photography.

Aaron Mills

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Subscribe to the Arkansas weekly state report via email. John Berry and others give weekly updates on the rivers there. If you click on the flys recommendations they will usually send you to a picture.


Thom Harvengt

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It has been awhile, 12 years or so, anyways here is my go to list for the North Fork.

Black, Brown, Golden Stones sizes #6-10

Prince Nymphs #16-12

Hare's Ears #16-12

Pheasant Tails #16-12

Copper Johns #18-14

Red Fox Squirrel Nymphs #12-14

Scuds #12-14

I usually use a two fly rig with the Stone first and then a droper. I am sure Brian will get on here and chime in, he knows alot more than I do. I don't get to fish the NF as much as I would like but still get to fish it everytime I am back home to see the parents. Wish I would have been a fly fisherman when I was growing up on that river. I will let you know next time I am down and maybe we can go fish it togather.

Rodney Holland

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Hey Aaron,

Lets just hope it is possible for you to get to know the NFOW again this spring! Getting really sick of high water. <_<

Rodney(Muleball) basically listed THE main flies to consistantly catch fish. When the river is fishable this spring I would also add a caddis green bead-head Crackleback, and since we have had all this high water I would also be sure to have some San Juan worms...they always do pretty good after long periods of high water.

My go-to rig for most of the year is a stone and a dropper, as the year progresses the dropper will change. Generally for spring a stone/beadhead Crackleback is the go-to but that for sure isn't set in stone(no pun intended :P ) During the summer we will go with a little smaller stone and a smaller dropper (copper John, Micro May, etc)

Thanks for the kind words about the blog! I can't take credit for most of the photography, my wife shoots probably 95% of those photos.:)


That site would be from Arkansas Game and Fish.....this is the "original" North Fork of the White. ;)


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Thanks for the input from everyone. I think I'll have plenty of time to get my flybox ready. I knew moving back I'd need to be starting to tie some cracklebacks sometime. I agree with Brian I think the high water has been here long enough. Compliments to your wife for the photography then. Too bad there aren't any trout in my crawl space. I've got two feet of water in there. I'll get to pump that out this weekend.

RODNEY!!! What're you up to these days. It has been a while. Hard to believe we've been out of high school that long, huh. Would be glad to go fishin with you when you're back in town. Just shot me an e-mail any time.


Hopefully, I'll bump into some of you all on the river.


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