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Shuffling Petition

Phil Lilley

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Shuffling: Dislodging gravel, rock and/or any vegitation on the bottom of the lake to attract fish to an area where the same individual or individuals are actively fishing, or where another party, who is not actually shuffling is actively fishing. To be shuffling, one or more anglers must be aggressively kicking the bottom of the lake, in current or not, with the sole purpose as to attract trout so that a person can catch them as they feed on the bugs kicked up from the bottom.

To the question of shuffling on Lake Taneycomo -

Are you in favor or making "shuffling" on Lake Taneycomo illegal or keeping it legal?

Post your answer as - ILLEGAL or NO CHANGE

Any comments to the issue, post on on this thread - http://ozarkanglers.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1076

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