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Hey all I am new to this site, I am a young guy from up near Springfield, MO and I love to fish down on the white. I have been trying to find a used "white river" fiberglass jon boat for river fishing. Any old junker would be fine from 16' to the 20' footers. I don't need one of those new fancy supremes! I may not even need a trailer. I have a brand new 9.9 mariner fourstroke but my 14 ft. lake jon is just to heavy. I see dozens of these boats in yards down around Mt. Home so surely some ole boy has one that he could spare! Any tips on where to look? A new one is out of the question as I am a poor college student who just likes to fish. Thanks!

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Watch the Baxter paper or have cash in hand and stop anywhere you see an obviously neglected boat and offer to buy it.

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I have heard that Jenkins Fishing Service in Calico Rock may have some boats to sell. I do know that they have several 20' Shawnees. You can probably find their number in the phone book or on the internet. Like Ham said, watch the Baxter Bulletin (www.baxterbulletin.com) for boats. Also, don't be afraid to ask around at some of the docks and resorts, they will replace boats and sell the old ones every now and then. If they're not selling, they may know someone who is. That's how I found about about my current boat. Also, an old junker is not hard to fix up. Once you get the hang of it, fiberglass is pretty easy to repair. I bought mine when I was a poor college student too and I gave $1150 for the boat and trailer. I've gotten ten years of good service out of mine so far. Take care of them and they'll last forever.

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