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Brittany Lake In Bella Vista

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has anyone heard or done any fishing there yet ?

Grab your gear and get to Lake Brittany! Approximately, 1,000 of them will average 9-10 inches in length and the other 500 little suckers will be 11-12 inches. An additional 900-1,000 11-12 inchers will be added each month through March or April to make more than 5,000 trout stocked in that lake.

Bella Vista lakes currently offer warm water species such as large mouth bass, crappie, and brim, but the winter fishermen will now have something to get excited about while fishing in the cooler temperatures.


thoughts on this ?

it will be interesting to see how this plays out and how the fish take

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I have fished it twice this year, trolling spoons, not much difficulty catching a limit. The last load they stocked included some decent 12-14 inch fish, and rumor has it, a few 3-4 lb fish. You may as well get out there and catch them as they won't survive the summer heat.

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