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march bass fishing


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There is a possibilty that I might be fishing this lake in Mid March this year for a kansas bass tourney. I've never even seen the lake and maybe, will have one day to prefish the thing. Can you guys give me some ideas of where to start that time of year in the lake and possibly ideas of what to use. I love jigs and that type of thing. Only thing I can't stand throwing is jerk baits, but if you have to that early, then you have to. any help would be appreciated. This is going to be me and my partners very first bass tourney for each of us.



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Hi KsCat. What is a Catman doing in a bass tourney? I used to live in KS. I fished a lot in the Neosho around the Iola area.

I cant give you a lot of advice on Pomme. Last time I fished Pomme early in the year like that I caught a lot of small mouths. Light lines, small baits. Finnesse presentations.

I would rather be fishin'.

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To me Pomme de Terre in the best lake in the state for sping fishing. I used to have some friends that owned a marina at the lake and I have spent a lot of time on that water. Fished a lot of tournaments and have always done very well, especially in the spring. One good thing about the lake is it's not very big. In the right boat you can run from one end to the other in 30 minutes, something I have done a lot. I haven't fished it seriously in a couple of years but I doubt things have changed much. I'm sure the fish are still doing the same thing that they were doing the fifteen plus years that I did fish it seriously. I'm not saying that I'm the best fisherman on the lake, but I bet I get you into some very productive areas without spending a lot of time learning a new lake. I don't have a way of posting a map with the spots on here (not sure that I would want to) but I could fax you something that shows the areas that I have done the best at during the spring. Or if you have a map we could get together on the phone and I can point out some good areas. PM me if you are interested.

When is the tournament? I might just have to pre-fish it for you. Thinking about it makes me all tingly inside :D Their are some real monsters in that lake. Once fished a tournament in April and thought I had a good chance of winning. We were sitting in the boat slip in the marina putting our fish in the weigh-in bag, and all hope faded. The guys right next to us had two fish over eight pounds! I'll take second place any day to a bag of fish like that.



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