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A Vest for All Seasons

Guest flyfishBDS

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Guest flyfishBDS

Ok this is a blatant plug for a product we have just got in.

But its new you can't see it many places and hell I think its pretty cool.

And you can go and enjoy their website if you have got a high speed connection. This is my blurb from the Dam Store report _ but check their site as well. I can't post a pic yet.


We think this is the best idea in fly fishing since Izaac Walton dipped his pen in ink. If this vest was any smarter it might be running the Dam Store. The sensational breathable vest/jacket that took the Denver Fly Tackle Dealers Show by storm is now on show in the Dam Store. And we are the only fly shop in the south taking orders for Spring delivery of this very desirable item

A joint Australian-US developed jacket the Adventure Fly Fishing Co. All-Season Vest Jacket has just about every good idea you have mused over while struggling with your existing wading jacket and vest _ and a bunch you didn't think of.

Try this on for size:

Soft-touch breathable water-proof/windproof construction _ just like your favorite waders.

Zip-on and off sleeves _ that actually work.

Removable hood and collar

4 waterproof pockets _ two for fly boxes and two inside.

An included mini-dry bag to keep your expensive and delicate cameras, cell phones or stogies dry no matter how bad the swim.

3 included long zingers in their down zip up pocket.

A tippet dispenser pocket that actually works

Hydration bladder compatible.

Fleece lined hand warmer pockets.

Licence holder

Foul weather extension for those seriously ugly fishing trips.

Two drop down pockets with interchangeable slit-foam magnetic base fly trays.

Side pockets for water bottles or rod tubes

The list keeps going on and on _ if you want to check out the full array of features you can click for the Adventure Fly Fishing Co. website. There are even videos here showing how everything works if you have a highspeed connection.

How much you say _ well its not cheap at $387. But when you consider this service as both your wading jacket and vest _ and the extra security for your phone, wallet and digital camera its not unreasonable. The first shipment of these jackets was snapped up by the huge West Coast-Rocky Mountain stores _ a sure sign these are going to be hot item on rivers this season. We have been promised items available for delivery in April. If you don't want the weather to end your dream fly fishing adventure you need this jacket.



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SANTA MONICA, California—The patent-pending All-Season Vest-Jacket from Adventure Fly Fishing is manufactured of durable, waterproof, windproof and breathable materials. All the critical seams and pockets are reinforced-stitched and tape-sealed for increased waterproofing. Other features include detachable waterproof sleeves with adjustable Velcro wrist straps and watertight neoprene cuffs, a detachable waterproof hood and foul-weather extension, genuine YKK zippers, and climbing-grade nylon webbing and shatterproof hardware throughout. The Vest-Jacket features more than 35 pockets, including interior dry pockets with patented YKK Aquaguard weatherproof zippers, a waterproof pocket insert, a microfleece-lined hand-warming pockets, two rod-tube or bottle pockets, and two drop-down interchangeable fly tray pockets. The Vest-Jacket is fully rigged to accommodate a hydration system and also has a retractor cavity where all coil-retractor accessories are concealed out of the way until needed, and the tippet cavity and a convenient easy-pull tippet dispenser.

Text and photo courtesy of American Angler. ( odd photo though.. )

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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Guest flyfishBDS

I was searching for a pic. so thanks Brian

The bottom section zips off as a foul weather extension.

I guess they are trying to show the versatility.


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Guest flyfishBDS

Beadhead, sorry to say we aren't setting up a web outlet at this stage.

Just too much of a leap _ Im working on moving us into the 20th century first ;)

When I get back home I can email you a list of all our sale items.

flylines, reels rods etc etc. Some really cool bargains.

We carry Sage, Ross, TFO, St Croix, Fishpond, Dr Slick, Rio, Hodgman, and have a few more interesting items coming.

If you want regular information sign up for our weekly email lots of info tips etc etc _ plus product info etc. email me at beaverdamstore@ipa.net

The website is going to be more visitor information. Maybe I'll move to websales in 07 _ maybe lol

But I have a better Idea, drive down come fishing and then you can play in inventory as well. Got to warn you we are a little store, but Im working very hard to get quality stuff in _ interesting different stuff. I think we can grow the fly fishing business substantially

BTW you happen to know John Walker and the St Louis Fishheads???

Great bunch of fellas I met in Michigan

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I know John Walker.. but I do not know any of these St. Louis Fishhead guys...

but I do know Jack Charlton.

best fishes - Brian

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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