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Tips, tricks, or techniques for tying with a rotary vise??

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I have been tying with my el cheep o vise for several years, and finally bought a rotary vise. Now I am interested in hearing thos thing that you wish some one would have told you when you got yours. Any adivise could be help- full for me and maybe some other new to rotary tyers... Thanks in advance JJ

Jon Joy


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Remember to use the rotary feature. I find that sometimes I go back to the old way of passing materials between hands over/under the vise. The rotary feature is there for a reason. It makes applying many materials much easier and faster. Remember though, if you are tying a fly with several materials, say a fly with ribbing, a and back of some sort, and you want to wind something forward, the materials in the back of the fly will be twisting as you use the rotary feature. In some cases it might be better to just wind forward yourself. Also, there are some materials that I prefer to wind by hand, such as ostrich. I rarely tie with more than 1 strand of ostrich, and I want to keep the wraps very tight together to make the bug more full.

Anyway, the vise ain't no good sitting there, so get to tying.


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Anyway, the vise ain't no good sitting there, so get to tying.

Thats pretty funny.. and a good word to the wise.

There are many advantages to tying on true rotary vises.. and when you get one.. you just know.

Refer to any of Jeremy Hunts pictures in his tying pages here, as he is tying on one of the best - a Dyna King.. notice in these pictures how often the vise angle is turned.. ever so slightly sometimes.. it makes a huge difference in material placement. The rotary option makes any tier a better tier.

I tied on a Thompson fixed head for 8 years. Then I could afford rotary.. so I made the switch.

I especially like all options the rotary vise provides.

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My advice is just use the feature to fit your needs. I too had a problem remembering to use the feature at times. The most obvious is to check the back side of the fly.

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I just got my first rotary vise as well, so I will share my growing pains with you! I am ecxited about the material placement options and the prospect of tying more efficiently.

I was wondering, what are the key tips and tricks to tying rotary? I have heard something about using half hitches alot, how do you keep thread build up to a minimum using so many half hitches?


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