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Bennet Springs Trout Fishing Showcase.

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I went to that link and it looks pretty cool. I would love to go.

It said resgistration is neccesarry but I couln't find anywhere

to go to get to register. Anyone have any ideas on how to sign up.

By the way I fished Bennet opening day. I was by myself since my brother

was sick and so I fished from buzzer to buzzer with only 2 breaks maybe totaling 45 minutes. I caught around 30 fish but had to work way too hard

for them. I guess I am spoiled by fishing Taneycomo all the time. There I can catch 30 fish in about 2 hrs and never move. I caught a lot on scuds about size 20 in the slow shallow water. It was mainly behind people that were fishing casting way out there. It's great to see the looks on peoples faces when you catch fish were they would never dream of fishing. I had to do a lot of walking and I don't think I've ever switched so many flies in my entire life. I must have tried everything in my box. They would hit a fly for about 2 or 3 strikes and then it was done for. That made it difficult along with the thousands (not exaggerating) of pieces of moss floating down the river getting your float and sometimes fly covered. Oh, an obvious problem was the amount of people fishing there. Talk about a hard time finding a good spot. A lot of people rant and rave about how rude people are on Taneycomo. You should be grateful that you only see maybe one or two rude people on Taney in a month's time. I had so many people walk right where I was fishing past the stone bridge. Not one or two by a constant stream of people. I hope I'm not sounding to harsh on Bennet but I think it will be a long time before I go back to fish there.

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I'll be there to check stuff out and throw a little line.


Were you able to have your Roaring River event this year? I saw an original post on it, but didn't see any followup. Dano

Sorry I didn't respond Dano, wasn't sure if you were meaning "me." Matt Tucker and I did the Clinic to benefit Hurricane Relief in November but it wasn't at Roaring River. There may be another Clinic in the works....


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