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Favorite Taney fly rod?


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I would be interested in knowing everyone's favorite fly rod for Taneycomo. Meaning length, wt, and manufacturer and model.

My favorite (at this point)is a custom made 8.5ft 5 wt rod a builder in Ark built for me last year. It is built on a St. Croix SCIII blank. The medium fast action just works really well for me.

I also have an 8 ft 5 wt Bass Pro classic rod I really like and also a Sage FLi. I like the Sage Fli best when it is windy as it is pretty "fast" in terms of action.



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Greg Mitchell

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Greg -

I am gonna break it down as 2 rods for day fishing / and 2 rods for night fishing. Remember, this is just my opinion.

I had (but had to sell) a Winston 8ft 3pc 4wt that I fished soft hackles and midges and small dries with for about 5 years. That rod was great with little wind and the water definately off. My second choice for a day rod would be the LLBean SPT 9ft 5wt 2pc. This rod is just fast enough but with a very thin tip and reasonable flex. I like it if I know I am going to fish 2 fly indicator rigs and bigger dries or swinging soft hackles or cracklebacks or even small wollies.

For night fishing - I fish a TFO TiCr 9ft 4pc 5wt. I think this rod is pretty fast.. and while I do not do this often.. I had to bump up a line weight on it - so I have a 6wt on it. This rod is perfect for anything that isnt just huge. My second choice for a night rod is a TFO TiCr 9ft 4pc 7wt. Aagin - I treat this more like an 8 weight and I rarely pull it out unless I am going to experiment with really big flies or when I have seen or know there are really big fish in the area (i.e. fall brown season).

On a side note : I just bought a 7ft 5wt 2pc cane rod - so I am gonna fish that one on Taneycomo pretty soon. Only dries with be thrown on this rod.. but I have to decide on a reel before I can fish it. Decisions.. decisions..

here's to good casting - Brian

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


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Brian...my gosh man....fish an old Medalist on that cane rod.....or a Hardy..... :D:D

As to a rod for Taney....think about what you are liable to encounter...lots of 12 inch to 18 inch fish, and always a chance for a 20+ hog. Something to throw small size 20 midges or #6 Wolley Boogers...So for someone who does not like to carry around more than one rod at any given time...here is my most humble opinion... B)

A medium fast soft tip 8 1/2 ft to 9 ft 5/6 wt...medium tip to feel those light midge / nympths / soft hackle takes, soft enough to fight the fish on light tippet but fast enough to cast heavier bugs. As to a brand there are many out there that would meet the qualifications. You should cast a few to see how it feels in your hands and whether it meets your casting style. As to brand name, that bothers me less than how it feels and casts...Dan

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Let me jump in here.....

Daytime: Scott S3 9' 5 weight, 3-pc.

Punches into a wind and turns over woolly buggers & flies with

indicators. Or stimulators & hoppers in the summer.

Nighttime: Scott STS 9' 8 weight, 3 pc.

Throws bigger woolly buggers and sculpin patterns. Someday I'm

going to hook that fish of a lifetime ( 15# +) and I'll be able

to handle him with this rod.

But I also own a little Scott SVS 6', 3 wgt. I love this little rod. Wish I could find another one or 2 of them to get for my sons. Anyone own one of these they'd like to unload? Let me know.


Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

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you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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My favorite rod to fish during the daytime and most of the time at night is an

8'6 5 wt. Gatti. It is a mid to fast rod, yet it has a remarkably soft tip. I find I can fish just about anything from wollys at night to anything during the day. Dries are a bit tougher on it, but realistically, how many dries do you fish at taney. Occaisionally at night I have a 9' 6 wt Marryat (I forgot how to spell it). But it is a great rod that i picked up cheap on ebay that fishes like many of the 5-600 dollar rods I have fished. I don't care what the name on the rod, you just can't go wrong at taney with mid action 5 to 6 weight rod in the 8'6"-9' range.


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This is actually a very personal subject for many. Everyone likes something a little different, that makes the experience a little more enjoyable for them. Do you remember the first time you fished your favorite rod?

I have recently been using my dad's Scott SAS 9' 5wt. Not an expensive rod at all, but I like the way it feels.

My favorite rod, or the one I find excuses to use is my Sage VPS 9' 4wt. I built this one myself after getting the materials at Backcountry Outfitters back when Darin worked there. This rod is amazing (to me) for soft hackles, cracklebacks & dries.

I also have a Sage RPL+ 8'6" 3wt that is fun when the little silver streaks are overcrowding.

This is pretty interesting reading what you all fish. I'm sure everyone is as passionate about what line you use also.

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It varies with my mood and how I think I'll fish, and if I'm on the ball, the wind. but it will be one of 3.

A 9' Scott, custom with a AT Hart reel which is a strong rod.

10' 5wt, Orvis Power matrix with a Battenkill, a great rod for "High sticking".

8' 6" 4wt, Orvis HLS Adams with a AT Hart reel. Fine Dry fly rod.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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Hey Greg

Hope the fishing was good Sunday and hope that you caught a big fish.

I would have to say that during the day down at Taneycomo I love the Scott G series. I love the medium action of this rod. I have it in 4wt and 6wt. depending on what type of fishing I plan on doing that day, for the midges and dry flies I like the 4wt. For all other I like the 6wt as in leechs and any of the bigger streamers I like to cast. The Scott G-series is discontinued but they have a new rod it is called the G2 and it is basicaly built on the same blank there are just a few cosmetic diffs. For night time I love Scott Heli-ply when the big fish move up I use the 888 8'8" for 8wt, with that rod you can handle any fly or any fish. When the big fish move out for night I will cast the S3 in a 5wt or 6wt. As you know I'm a Scott rod man I think that they make the best rod for the money. They also have the Scott hollow ferrule system which matches all sections and creates a continuous taper for the rod. The hollow internal ferrule system has been proven to be the strongest system. If you want to cast them stop by and I will let you cast them.


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I am a big fan of short rods. I use a St. Croix 7'9" 3 wt. for almost all of my day time fishing. Throwing tandem nymph rigs with split shot is not a problem. I have also used it for skipping cracklebacks, but don't recommend it. If I'm going to pitch bigger stuff or if it's windy I use an Orvis Trident TL 9' 5 wt. This is a very fast rod, so I don't use it with light tippets. The 3 wt. will handle most any fish in taney, and I don't have nearly as many breakoffs as I do with the 5 weight. Plus it's just so much fun to fish. At night I either throw my 8 wt. St. croix or the 5 weight. They all have galvan reels on them. I love the galvan drag system.


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