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Fly Rod recomendations

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I am getting a rod/reel specifically for carp--don't laugh..its true

I need something that can handle multable runs of at least 40 yards sometimes more--

fish will be 6 pounds on the small side with 14 -18 pounders to be expected with a stray fish in the mid-twentys and up

Last thing I want is to have a nice fish on and get my tackle shelled out!


MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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If I was going tommorow, I would take my 6 weight. A 6 does pretty well on Steelhead, and they are rockets in some areas. The biggest Steelhead I ever saw caught, 32", was taken on a 5wt. :o

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I use a 9'6", 7 wt rod for salmon and steelhead and it's plenty of rod to handle up to 35 pound chinooks. I wouldn't go any heavier.

Large Arbor Battenkill reel - in my opinion they're the best reel for the money.

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Dunno, I landed a 27" rainbow with a 7' 2wt once but I wouldnt want to do it again. IMO, a 6 or a 7wt is fine for large trout and bass, but I'd probably go with a 9wt for carp because they can and do get a lot bigger. A 9wt also makes a great stick for gulf coast salwater fishing (redfish, snook, baby tarpon, etc.)

Considering the length of the runs that carp make, the drag on your reel might be more important than your rod. Get one with a disc drag. Cheers.

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