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Night Fishing Question


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I plan to be on Taney next week, but have a dilemma. I grew up fishing heavy tackle on Texoma Lake. Although I'm learning, I've yet to master fly fishing. I'd like to try night fishing below the dam. However, I doubt fly fishing in the dark would be an enjoyable experience for someone with my skill level. I've caught Taney trout on light spinning tackle during the day, but never tried it at night. Can night fishing on Upper Taney with light spinning tackle be good this time of the year? If so, what types of lures and line work best at night?

Thanks for the help!


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i'll be down there next week as well. if you want a little practice fly fishing, i'll help out all i can though i'm not exactly a master. the fly rod is a ball at night, but if you don't feel comfortable, rapalas work pretty well. there's a few post further down where they explain how they use em. as far as line, 4 or 6# should work just fine.

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I understand the frustration that will come to the novice when it comes to night fly fishing. I have guided many people that are in the same boat that you are in. And the result is great becuase you will listen more than the other person will. I would be willing to help you any manner that you would need help. I have got some great flies that will produce quite a few fish at night. You can contact me at the shop or through this forum. I would still bring both kinds of fishing tackle though just in case. But I think if you have someone work with you down there that it will be a plesant experence.


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