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I moved down to Springfield August of 2001, graduated State December 2004, bought my fist house last year and got engaged two weeks ago. This adds up to me finding less and less time to hit the holes. I mostly fish, but do enjoy the occasional hunt. Tried deer and turkey for the first time last fall. Saw turkey during the deer hunt and deer during the turkey hunt, so maybe they'll get it right this year.

I'm a spin fisherman who generally sticks to artificials, but who's not above going live when the going gets tough. I have an old fly rod, but I treasure my water time so much that I'd hate to spend what little time I do have learning a new technique. My travels have been limited to Lake Ozark, Bryant Creek (since last spring), Montauk, Taneycomo and occasionally AR tailwaters. Just got a trailer for gandpa's old boat at Lake Ozark – he never saw the need, but we can't keep the troller in the water any more b/c of the traffic. So, hopefully I'll be trying my luck at a few more lakes and deeper rivers. I think I'll try below Bagnell Dam this weekend for whites and walleye. Maybe I'll even drift a rod for cats.

Speaking of the name; about three years ago my buddy and I figured out how to catch large catfish off our dock at Lake Ozark, with the largest being about 70 lbs. – or so we guess. I've attached a pic of one of the smaller ones – probably 30 or so. If you have a better guess, let me know. I'm about 5'9" @ 175lbs. I don't have a digital pic of the big one. Anyway, all released. We don't keep them after they get larger than 7-8 lbs.

If anyone needs a partner for a trip let me know. Most of my fishing buds hail from St. Louis, and it would be nice to meet some folks a little more local. I'll be working a log home show in Fayetteville over the 24th of March, but I'd be ready for some well-deserved water time after that.

Till then!


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