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fishing lake taneycomo


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Flashy lures in this off-colored water... and bright power baits- both have worked well today.

Our guides caught alot of trout today on jig/float using either micro jigs or 1/125 oz marabou jigs. Olive, sculpin, brown or black.

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The old tried and true air injected night crawlers always work especially after heavy rains like the other day. The trout were feasting on them. You should post fishing questions like this in the Lake Taneycomo forum below and more people will respond to it.

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We as well will be there this weekend and from what i have been reading it looks like its going to fun. I just got my new fly rod and am antsy to get there and try it out, I sure hope lilley can point in the right direction on the fly selection. And Rainbow i'll have some brews if we run into each other.

See ya all there


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Went down this morning at 5:30am. I was the first in the parking lot until this older gentleman came down in a big hurry. It was out of the truck and a guick HI and run for the outlet! He just about hurt himself getting there. I didn't care. There's a lots of room. I started with a weighted sow bug and that was the ticket. I fished till noon with that and then changed to a black bunny with a gold bead head. They went nuts for it. I missed a sow up by outlet 1. I lost all the black bunnies I had. The fish were hitting it like a freight train. I'm making a bunch up to night. I'll be back Friday morning. Everyone better have green on!!

Smiles are free


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