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Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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Kinda hard to forecast what conditions will be later in this week, refering to the water clarity. Right now the lake is clear from just below Fall Creek to the dam. It is pretty muddy below that point. It will move down gradually and the water will get clearer as the week goes on.

It hasn't bothered the trout much- only the fisherpeople. But most have been going to in boats and fishing above the clear-water line just because it's clearer.

Fishing off our dock is my indicator pretty much when the water is like this. They are still catching mostly on bright-colored power bait. Also silver and gold cleos and other spoons out in the lake, esp downtream near the bridges.

Above the clear line, night crawlers have been the best bait along with jigs. Above Fall Creek, micro jigs and other small marabou jigs under a float is very good, esp in this slight wind we've been having.

Below the dam, midge patterns are a killer. Zebras as will as thread midges and soft hackles. Scuds in olive or gray in #18 to #20 fished from #1 outlet to the big hole and then at Rocking Chair - very good. Night fly fishing continues to be very good using while woolies and sculpin patterns. Also floating rapalas worked on the surface slow.

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