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Just Beyond Point 5


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Hey fellows let me share a great Smallmouth honey hole with you during the Spring transitional period. Just north right around the corner from Point 5 there is a sweet spot you don't want to miss. I have attached a map for you. This secondary point and the cove beyond gives up some pretty good fish and numbers besides, even as early as the first of March. Typically hit this spot in April when the weather warms a little more. I've caught numbers of smallmouth here using the technique Bill Babler describes in his article about spring fishing on the Rock. The technique is slow swimming a grub from the bank out to about 20ft of water. While I often hear described the use of 1/4 oz or 3/8 jig heads being used, I prefer 1/8 oz with a Bass Pro Shop Triple Ripple Tail grub in white. Juice that grub up too with a little crawfish Bang or Baitmate Bass. You may get snagged here a view times but that's alright because there are alot of cedars on this point, but that is typically where the fish are. This point and cove has a good mix of structure and cover in it, from chunk rock to pea gravel, lay downs, to standing timber. It ain't just smallmouth that migrate here either , you'll catch some Kentuckies as well as largemouth. As the weather warms up especially during the spawn go back into the cove and look for places where chunk rock meets pea gravel. Fellows I typically run all over the Rock, but there are days I never have to leave this area. My family's boat slip is in the back end of this cove. Which brings up another point, don't fail to explore the boat docks in this cove as the weather warms. You'll find schooling Kentuckies and largemouth off the front of these docks in the back end. I'm letting this one out of the bag because I need a few people to check it out between now and April 2nd when I will arrive on the Rock, my home lake that I will never give up allegiance to.

petertherock :D


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