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Mens Tournament...(tommorrow)


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so whos all going to the men's tournament tommorrow at montauk? Ill be down there with my dad and i know serveral other people going down this weekend.

I went to montauk on friday and the river was higher than its been but the murky-ness was going away as the day was going on. I hope that 36 hours since i left will really clear it up i hope. If it aint sight fishing im just as good as the next guy :(

Hopefully its clear and i catch a biggun'. Ill let everyone know how it went when i get back tommorrow night.

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well i won todays state mens tourny...caught a rainbow that weighed in at 5 1/2. This is my first lunker of 2006 during catch and keep season. I will be back down in a couple of weeks for the womens tourny weekend to see if any monsters are in the water.

One title down several more to go this year, with the rose holland and bennett state tourny etc. :D

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