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Fishing Report

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Fished the bridge this A.M. Good to excellent is my report.Good size,lots of fish,and not to crowded.White is my color of choice.Waters up a little and running a tad murky.My buddy and I probably caught 20 with plenty of missed strikes and long arm releases .:P He was useing white power bait and white dough bait.I was useing white power eggs ,white 1/16 jigs, and orange and white worms.If you can stand the cold and rain this week go for it. The streams stacked and I had to pull myself away.The wading is a little tough,you can't see the bottom well to put your foot down in a safe flat spot.Seen a couple of mishaps today. :lol: Been there,done that ,don't like it!!!If it rains the next couple of days probaly should fish upriver out of the rapids where it's safer[and drier].Lots of fish up in the step hole where I finished the A.M. Fly rodders had plenty of room the past few Sundays.We left with a couple of stringers of 2 pound average.

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