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Spinning the bobbin

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When Terry was showing us how to tie some of his flies at the white bass seminar, he divulged a trick with the bobbin. He would twirl the bobbin clockwise (he's right handed) after even application. Why? At the beginning of each application, which is usually putting material on the hook using the thread, the thread would bend to the left, over the material when the thread was brought over loosely, instead of bending to the right away from the material.


Try it- you'll see.

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The use of thread spin is a very important one for good tying technique.

The type of thread you use does have some bering on this, as to what will take place.

I use both Danviles fly master 6/0 and UTC 70. These threads can be opened to provide a flat thread wind or twisted to form a tigher rope effect.

That process is also important when it comes to forming dubbing spindles, the tying in of winging materials and other techniques.


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