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Pothole Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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Drove up the powersite side of the lake at the advice of someone who knows... started at the gravel bar at the mouth of Silver Creek. That's the place we slayed the whites and walleye the last time water was this low. Nothing. We were joined by a small group of guys so we left all the fish to them. Next time I'm taking waders though.

Drove on up to the dam just to see... no one there. Walked on up to the wing wall. Was followed by a shadowy figure- turned out to be Buck Nofsinger, our friendly MDC agent. We talked alittle- he said fishing had been spotty- best when the water was running and it wasn't. So we almost decided to turn back without fishing but Buck said go ahead and try. Tom's (Timbumkin) first cast using a purple swimming minnow earned him a 19 inch walleye- his first walleye ever. Then he snagged (I think he snagged) 2 fish that just headed downstream- hook pulled out. Nothing more.

I kidded Tom- here's a guy who is from Minnesota- never caught a walleye- caught his first in Missouri. That's along way to come and along time to wait for your first walleye!

We started about 10 pm and left at 11 pm.

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