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Hello from the Left coast

Pour Dennis

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Hello everyone,

My name is Dennis nad I currently live in Northern California. In approximately 10-12 months my wife and will be moving to the Branson area. I am looking forward to fishing the lake and learning the local area.

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Wow- what a change for you. Honestly, never been out west but those who move here from there say they like it here.

Welcome to the forum. Let us know how we can help.

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well, i wanna wish you an early welcome to the show me state. a couple of my frat brothers are from cali, one from tracy, and the other from some place in no-cal. they don't like the cold, and they always tell us how backwards we are, but they love it here.

you're gonna love branson... i know i'm always looking forward to my next trip.



Cute animals taste better.

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You're going to love Branson. I have a couple friends of mine

from California and they left a tiny 3 bedroom house that was almost

60 yrs old and it sold for 600,000. They moved here to a near mansion

on Table Rock Lake with a breath taking viev and there own boat dock

and paid cash for a 250,000 home. They got a steal, but it sure does

help living in California first and moving to the midwest.

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