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White Bass Report

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Talk to my friend Paul. He went yesterday and fished below the 10 bridge. Water temp 47-48. Water was clear above the bridge. Fished 7-12 feet of water and caught whites on a blue swimming minnow. Fish were 2-3 feet off the bottom and biting extremely light. Caught mostly males with a couple 2-lb sows mixed in.

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A friend and I tried it Saturday morning (3/25). We went upstream and fished the pool above the first riffle. We fished a couple hours. I caught a handful, and he caught two. The water had cleared and it was lower this week. I caught mine on a small silver countdown Rapala. His were caught on a Roostertail. His numbers were better than mine, but my fish were larger.

I think this area would be great for waders but it’s about a ½ mile from the bridge. Fishing is usually good around the brush in the current (it’s only about 25 yards wide) and it’s also good above the bar. Above the bar, it remains shallow along the bluff bank for a long time. We caught some fish in the shallows but most fish come off the other bank. It’s an area that would be easy to fish. The best part of going further upstream is that you’ll get away from most of the boat traffic. As you get closer to the bridge, there are more and larger boats.

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When you are referring to the Hwy 10 bridge are you talking about the one that is about 5 to 10 miles above twin bridges on the spring river? or are you talking about the one that is south on the main lake? I put in at twin bridges Sunday and motored up Springriver (what seemed to be forever) and came to several docks on the east side of the river, I fished across from them and did pretty well caught about 30 whites, only kept 10, caught alot of small males. I was wanting a place to put in closer, looking at the map I see that hwy 10 crosses just north of there, is that where you are referring to? Thanks

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