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report 3-25

hank franklin

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Floated from the Prongs to Bay Creek 3-24 to 3-26. Gage height 2.04, 151 cfs on Thursday, dropped to app. 1.8 and 138 by Sunday. River was flowing nicely even in upper stretches, though a little less flow would have made for some dragging and tight spots. No problems at all getting through with a loaded canoe however.

River was spectacular, fishing was basically non-existent. Didn't hear any owls at night which seemed unusual. Otters, a bobcat, myriad turkey vultures (no eagles) and many other critters in the area. Numerous kingfishers. A few great blue herons in upper section. No green herons at all. Some wood ducks in lower sections. Kingfishers appeared abundant.

Saw a few smallmouth but caught only one. Oh well.

River very quiet, cold at night, frost everywhere.


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