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Floated sat. from 19bridge to turner. unlike brian's report at the first island didn't catch anything. Makes a difference when you know the river. We threw everything that day. big stones and streamers nothing. We got our first fish after the second island in the slower water on my favorite nymph sz. 14 squirrel below a stonefly. Only 8-9in. My buddy picked one up below me same size same nymph.

Went further down river (don't know the name of the area) but it was a long riffle right before a bend with a tall bluff on the left hand side. Foul hooked a 12in. on the swing. Stomach pumped him to see what he was eating and it was mayfly nymphs in the sz.14. So we stuck with the squirrel nymph. My buddy landed a 8-9in. above me in the riffle. I missed another one and hooked one. Four canoes went by and we decided to go on down. Next riffle Broke off the squirrel and then tied on a sz 12 flashback bh phtail. On the swing getting ready to make another cast, and the rod about came out of my hand. It ran straight down stream in heavy current and had to get back in the boat to chase it down. It was a fat 16" rb. but I thought it was going to be alot bigger. Still happy none the less. He took the pheasant tail.

My buddy hooked another and landed 8-9 in. and I also caught one the same. All were wild fish. We took belly boats down the river and did ok, but we were at the mercy of the current in some places. This river is definatley a canoe or better river. We are of the adventurous type.

We will be back when the water is down and more clear. Also saw 2 pickerel. One at the 19 bridge behind a root wad and it was about 16".

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Nice report, glad you had a good time. If i am thinking of the right place, the area you were at is what I call Big bluff shoal. Is it about 1/2 mile before Little Hurricane enters on the right descending side? That is a very good run that gets overlooked a lot. Most people don't stop there, but there are some good fish there. Hope to see you sometime when you are fishing the river. Actually, I think I did. If you guys were in belly boats, I think you passed Greer access as I was dropping a couple guys off at the Greer boat ramp. Did you use any caddis pupae? I saw some of those flying around Sat as well.




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YEP that was us. There were some blue wing olives coming off right sown from the put in, but no risers. Then in the big bluff run they were hitting caddis there. Even had an 8incher hit my indicator. I probably could have put on a Elk hair, but I didn't feel like changing over to catch them little guys. Thought I'd stay deep for the better fish. Next time I come to fish down there we'll rent a canoe from ya.

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