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Combo Trip, Nets Big Results

Bill Babler

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Hugh and Hugh Mellans of Chicago visited out little piece of heaven on Friday wanting to give both the trout and bass a fling.

The great part about this is Hugh Sr. is 97 years young. We started on the trout. Both Jr. and Sr. have fished the world over and Sr. at 97 had no problem seeing and reacting to his strike indicator in the restricted area of upper taney. He had 4 fish in the boat before I could even get Jr's fly line soaked.

Lots of trout in the Andy section of the lake. Most coming on that stinky micro. Saved enough for Becky to prepare them for breakfast for the guys.

Hard to beat rainbow for breakfast.

At noon, we switched to the rock, lanching at old 86. I haven't fished this area a whole lot as Shell Knob has been so hot I have been trailering up there.

Was suprised to find water in the 55 degree range. Jr. had been on the fourm, reading about stickbaiting, and wanted to give it a try. I knew Sr. would have trouble with the stick and tied on a grey 4 inch. chomper single tail for him to swim.

Went looking for gravel and wind and when I set them up, I started with Sr.

See results of his 3rd. cast with the grub. We fished about a 1/4 mile stretch of gravel in the Clevenger Creek area for 3 hrs. and caught and released 2 smallies,6 Ky's and 1 5lb. channel cat. This was middle of the day. All the fish were at least 15 inches and that dosen't happen often.

T. Paige had told me he also had a really nice number of keeper fish in the same general area on sticks earlier in the day.

Guys, I have to admit to ya, when Sr. caught his second nice Ky on that grub, this old crusty guide had a hard time chocking them back.

Jr. never did quite get on the stick, as he tended to move it a little too quickly but man it was great watching his dad catch those fish.

This a absolutely the reason I'm out there and this was my second 97 year old in the last year. No matter what it takes or what work is involved it is the most worthwile feeling I have as a guide.

These fish are biting, LOOK FOR THE WIND.


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Hard to say anything about this but AWESOME. What a great day for you guys on the water. Should the Lord bless me to be fishing at that age I would be eternally grateful, which I already am. Just awesome.


"A True Fisherman with a Rod in His hand, and a Tug on the Line, would not Trade His Position for the Throne of Any King"

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