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Great Week at the Rock


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We came down to Table Rock and started fishing Monday. It was a little cool & windy, water temp was 51. We sat in Cricket Creek, just past Long Creek, and only caught 8 keeper fish. We tried several colors & types but did best on 1/16 green chartruese minnow head with a junebug twister tail or slider.

On Tuesday the temp was better but still some wind. We caught a quick 8 keepers trolling in Cricket Creek. We switched to Long Creek, in the flats, East of Yocum, and we started picking up fish at the channel drop. The water temp was 54. We ended up with 25 keeper fish. Again we were using the 1/16 green chartruese minnow head w/junebug twister tail or slider, swimming minnows were ok.

On Wednesday we went back to Long Creek and fished the flats for a while but started fishing the banks/walls. We found the fish at about 6 foot in 12-14 foot of water. We limited out. We would cast the same 1/16 set-up against the bank, count to 4, and retrieve slowly, hesitate, and retrieve slowly. Dad would twitch the rod after a couple of rotations and did real well. We worked most of the high banks/wall from the Yocum bridge to the bendgoing east on Long. I don't tie up, but should have when we caught fish. Just kept trolling along, casting at the wall, probably passed over a lot of fish.

On Thursday it was windy and we went to Bass Pro & procrastinated. Finally at 530 we went to the Long Creek bridge & fished from the bank..we caught 6 keepers in about an hour fromm the bank. On Friday we fished Yocum Creek in the the shallow flats but no keepers. We went back to the banks/walls on Long Creek and worked them by casting out, counting down. We caught quite a few keepers. We then switched to a cork & tube jig. We limited out.

Over all there were 6 of us fishing and we limited out on 2 days, came close on a third day. Should have fished more on Thursday but the wind had us fooled. I have swimming minows but the most consitant was a 1/16 green chartruese minnow head with a junebug Charlie Brewer slider or a Souther Pro junebug curly tail. We used a small bobber with 1/32 pink round head and a red/chartruese tube jig. We did catch fish on other colors but these did best. We caught over 300 keepers but probably caught over 600 fish total. Most of the fish were in the 10 1/2- 12 1/2 range.

Looking forward to being back in a week.

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