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Just visiting to say hi. Buying some land down there for retiring in a few years, and it was great to spend some time while looking last week. Spent one vacation there years ago, but wife and I always said we'd have to check it out when it was time to pull the plug. Glad we did. I KNOW it will be quite different than the fishing up here in the Chicago area, but I'm excited to learn. This won't happen for a few yeaes unless I hit the lotto, but wanted to say hi, and let you know you have an anxious reader waiting to really contribute.

It was a brave man who first ate an oyster!

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"and looking forward to your presence"

Brian... running out of lines??? You're so funny.

4fishys- This is a great place to retire... hopefully it won't be as crowded as Chicago when that magic time comes to retire.

Pray for an early retirement buyout... prayer gives you a much better chance than the lotto.


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Glad to see someone else from Chicago. I know you will love fishing in Taneycome and up on Tablerock. I live in Midlothian and come down 3-4 times a year. I can't get enough. I started fishing here before the tablerock dam was built. Spent my summers with my cousins on a farm near St. Louis. Now We're all reaching retirement and planning on more time just letting a fly drift a little. Welcome. Enjoy the fishing.

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