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Observance from past weekend

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Good trout fishing. As you read from the tournament, at least 14 guys caught trout Saturday and a couple of them did real good. Several browns caught in the contest- not unusual I guess just don't hear about it I guess. Short Creek area produced 7-8 short browns and one 20-inch+ brown on night crawlers.

One thing I noticed about some of the rainbows from the tournament- they were long and skinny. I don't like to see long skinny trout. These rainbows were as long as 18-19 inches but weighed less than 1.5 pounds. My guess they moved out of the trophy area and now reside in waters where they aren't finding food as readily. Low generation periods have shown the same results in the past. Will keep an eye on it.

Speaking of bass... a bass was reported being seen under our dock on the TroutCam yesterday. Our water here is just like any other water on area lakes since they're not running water- it's warming up! I'm sure it's in the 60's at the dock and soon we'll see bass and blue gill moving in to spawn. We had 3 beds between our docks and the bank a few years ago during low water- kinda different.

Huge midge hatch this morning- small midge #22's but the rainbows were all over the surface early. Fun to watch. Nobody taking advantage of it.

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