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Whites are in Swan

Phil Lilley

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Swan is clear and running pretty good. Lots of whites moving in and out. Historically, whites will move into Swan at night to spawn because of the clear water. During the day it's tough catching them because of the crowds and clear water.

MDC agents were busy over the weekend nabbing people who were grabbing whites instead of hooking them fair. I'm sure after 2-3 years of no whites, and now the whites are biting, local just wanted some fresh meat for the dinner table. :D

Do what us trout guys do when the fishing gets tough- go small and lite. And fish at night.

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Waded the mouth of Swan last night with limited luck but had a lot of fun. Two of us started the night off with a real nice fish--my buddy caught a 5 pound carp that we were hoping was a nice walleye but no such luck. We ended the night with 7 nice male whites. One gentleman next to us caught an 18 in walleye and a few whites but that is all we saw caught. Slow night on the numbers but a wonderful night to be out.

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