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Phil Lilley

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Hook: TMC 2457 #12-18

Thread: GSP 50 white

Body: Mc Fly Foam or Wapsi new egg foo yarn



Start your thread at the eye and wind just a little bit back. You just want to have a little thread base when doing this fly.


Now with the Mc Fly foam you want to cut three pieces the same in length. I cut mine about ¾ of an inch. When tying these on you want to put to on each side of the hook shank and one on the top. Kind of like a pyramid. Now your thread should be right at the eye of the hook. This is important when tying this fly because when you go to cut it, if the thread is to far back then the size of the ball after its cut will be to big because you could not cut the material right at the eye to make the ball smaller.



So when you tie these in make a few lose wraps like you would for deer hair and then you can make some tighter ones to secure it. Make sure when tying this in that you don’t go side by side with the thread. You want each turn to be on top of the next one. I do about eight turns of thread when tying it in.


once you have tied it in you will want to pull all the material back ad tie right in front of it. This will lock it in and keep it front turning or shifting around to the other side.



Whip finish the fly off and turn the hook eye up right towards the ceiling. You will have to take the hook out of the vise in order to do this step. Also you need to grab all that material and pull it over the eye to where you can grab it with your hand to be able to cut it.



Ok so know you will grab the material and hold it tight. Now with the back of your scissors you are going to make one cut. And the closer you are to the eye the smaller the ball will be after you cut it. You might want to work on this a few times to really understand what I am talking about. This way you can make really micro eggs once you get the hang of it.


NOTE: if you notice by tying this so close to the eye you will leave a lot of hook exposed for a better hook set.


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