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Greetings everyone!


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I am planning to move to NW Arkansas from Washington state sometime this fall. I have been looking around for a message board about fishing in the area and it looks like I found one!

I have visited AR quite a few times and have family in MO and AR. I have fished SWEPCO, the lakes in Bella Vista and a couple of the local smallmouth streams. When I get there I would like to fish for Stripers, Whites, Crappie, catfish and bass, but I'm really looking forward to fishing for Stripers in Beaver.

I have lived here in Washington for 17 years and have had a great time fishing for salmon, steelhead, trout, sturgeon, and various warmwater species.

I'm sure I'll have lots of questions going forward and hopefully you folks can help me out. Someday, hopefully I'll know enough about the local fishing to provide info in return.

See ya on the water! (next year).

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