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Mid-Upper White River Bass


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Man I'm tired. Hit it hard, all day long. Fished with my Neices' husband Jeff from Rochester MN, a diehard bassin guy who came down for some Spring Fever relief from the northern climes.

It was an interesting day. Caught fish several different ways. Lots of dead time including late morning when the absolute flat water around K-City caused me to reload the boat and re-launch at Viola on the Kings to get in some color. Chased crappie for a few hours and got discouraged with that so went back to bass on the upper Kings.

Final tally for the day was not huge but in the upper teens for numbers. I've sure done worse. One of these pigs was caught in 54' of water, the other in 3' of water. So there's your pattern. Not much of one. Sticks, grubs, pitchin jigs and topwater to further confuse the issue. Our experience today is proof to me that this is a big bass/big bite time of year and if you can stay awake at the wheel long enough and fish smart, the fish of the year is just a cast away.

All in all, pretty good for the day after a cold front with no wind and bluebird skies. Just looking forward to the next few days with maybe some clouds and wind. As far as I am concerned any day with two fish of this caliber on The Rock is one to remember.




"A True Fisherman with a Rod in His hand, and a Tug on the Line, would not Trade His Position for the Throne of Any King"

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  • Root Admin

Nice pics. With the forecast full of wind the next 2-3 days, that flat water will look pretty nice. Wind beats me up worse than anything.

Thanks for the report, sir.

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