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Cell Service coverage at Montauk State park?


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I think you may be out of luck. My family and I go to Montauk several times a year and have never had cell service work in the park. My wife and I currently have Alltel but our teenage son has cingular. Neither work. :angry:


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if you go to the top of the hill and into reeds you can get a signal...my dads phone and mine both work up near cabin 17 or 18 where we usually stay. Other than that you would have to drive half way to salem to pick up a signal or about 6 miles outside the park towards licking to get a signal. Oh and we both have cingular...nextels wont work (worst company ever- i had em for 4 years and hated it), and sprint and t-mobil dont work either.

Cingulars the only ones to be able to get reception anywhere close to the park, trust me i have to check in with the woman a couple times each day!

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Thank you guys, i gotta "check in" daily, I wish you had it all when camping/fishing. Good cell service from your camper. No luck, but glad to hear at the top of the hills i could drive to get signal.

Roaring River is like that as well.

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