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White Bass Report


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The father in-law (FIL) and I went Sunday around noon (4/9) for an hour or two. We didn't stay long because I wanted to get back and watch the Masters. We fished just above the bridge near the bluffs and caught six whites and one small black bass. We cleaned the females and they still had eggs. I used a rapala countdown minnow, and my FIL used a chartreuse Road Runner. We were there at the worst time (mid-day) and they were still biting pretty well.

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I mostly fish for them in the winter and early spring in the river.

Small Shad and small Minnows are their main prey, so I like anything small that imitates bait fish. I usually only use two colors…white or chartreuse.

Two categories of baits, search lures and jigging lures.

Search baits: My favorites are a silver Rapala Countdown Minnow, White bucktail jig, Roadrunners, and Roostertails.

For jigging baits the #1 has to be the jigging spoon, but I also like to tip a Roadrunner or a plain jig-head with a minnow. Drop the jig to the bottom and rip it up a couple feet, then let it flutter back to the bottom.

I generally use 1/16 or 1/8 oz lures when searching, and up to a half ounce jig when they’re concentrated in the deep water pools.

They're bottom oriented fish but they generally don’t go deeper than 20 feet. They’ll stage in the deepwater and on warm days they’ll branch out and search for spawning areas. I think they spawn in the wood either immediately above or below a shallow riffle. The eggs stick to the wood and the running water oxygenates them.

I usually don't fish for them in the summer and fall, but when i have it's been in the main lake. We follow the birds...then throw countdown minnows, small shad raps or leadhead jigs and grubs past the breaking fish.

I hope this helps.

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