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Missouri /Arkansas License


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I had the understanding last year that a valid Missouri fishing license was all that was required to fish in the tail waters of Table Rock over the Arkansas border. The new regulations for 2006 talk about a $10 border lakes permit. Can anyone clarify?

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The tailwaters of Table Rock are not in Arkansas. Parts of table Rock, Bull Shoals and Norfolk are in Arkansas, and if you want cross the imaginary line, you need either a license from that state or the Border Permit. I haven't ventured across all the lines, but I assume they are all marked.

Taneycomo is solely in Missouri.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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That $10. Border Waters permit is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Before that, it was costing me $30. each year for an out-of-state Arkansas license to fish all of Bull Shoals and Tablerock.

Before the Border permits, lots of times there'd be two boats on the state line at Bear Creek on Bull Shoals. Arkansas and Missouri game wardens sitting there talking to each other. When a fishing boat would cross going either direction - they would run him down and check for fish in possession and BOTH state's licenses. There's no more of that, now.

The state line is marked with big yellow MO/AR signs on the banks of the lakes. Taneycomo, which would be Tablerock's tailwaters, is entirely in Missouri.

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