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9 Foot Long 90 Gallon Acrylic Stream Aquarium


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Have you ever wanted to make a aquarium for stream fish? I did a few years ago.....but I never finished it.

What I am selling is a 90 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium. It is roughly 90 gallons and 9 feet long with a divider in the middle. It is very long and thin. The divider is partially cut to allow flow from one end of the tank to the other. I had originally planned on keeping some shiners, darters, and madtoms in the tank...I just never got around to it. All it needs is a barrell filter with inlet and outlet located at opposite ends of the tank.

I paid a $100 for it 6 years ago. It is in fair condition cosmetically, and does not leak from what I can tell.

I would like $50 (OBO) and I will deliver in the Springfield area....I also get down to Forsyth and Branson occasionally.

If interested, I can take and send whatever pictures that you need.....or you can stop by and check it out first.

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