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Remember the camera!


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I would like to encourage everyone to take a camera with them when they go fishing and the the post of the big rainbow trout by Showme in Tannycomo yesterday is a classic reason why. It is a great picture.........and Showme and Uncletube are lucky that Mr. Miller was there with his camera to save the day. Now that moment in time has been saved for them and and enjoyed by me.

Fishing is fishing and you never what the next bite might turn up. Taking a picture is a great way of making a good memory even better, or a funny moment even funnier. While it is certainly nice, you don't need somebody else there to take a photo either. Case in point is last friday evening. I arrived at a pond an hour before dark for some general "I can't stand it anymore" fishing. I took a spinning rod, a fanny pack......and a camera because it is a habit now. I caught six fish that evening and one just happened to be the biggest crappie of my life (...so far). When I regained control of my lower jaw, I grabbed the camera.

Even the cheap disposable cameras take good pictures these days. They also make waterproof dispoasable cameras now too. They can keep in a tackle box or fly vest and they don't cost much more than what a crankbait cost. In some cases less. And if you get a good picture, by all means post it here on the forum so that guys like me who don't get to go fishing very much can at least live vicariously thru the rest of you who do!


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