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Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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Bill Butts, Vince and myself made the drive over to Tulsa Tuesday to check out the great fishing, reported by Michael, Bill and others over the past month or so.

I know Bill will post his own report along with pics I took of him with fish but I thought I'd begin by posting my own report, lacking as is it.

The short of it - windy! Not wind gusts but sustaining winds of 30-40 all day from the south. It beat us to death. But I usually don't mind the wind as long as the fish bite.... they didn't. Not for Vince and I. I landed my first fish, a small 3/4 lb white about 5:30 pm. Vince caught a dozen whites and a drum thoughout the day but no stripers. I'll let Bill share what he caught and I'll post my pics alittle later this morning.

My impressions of the fishery- different, very rugged, unforgiving. It has the potiential to be great... but with any river system, the key is being where the fish are at the right time. I believe 2 events worked against us yesterday- they brought the water up during the night, cooling the water temp from the day before and the water dropped Tuesday but not as much as it did the day before. When water patterns aren't consistant on Taney, our trout are tentitive--it may be the same on a river like the Arkansas. Plus- fishing is fishing... some days they just don't bite.

Walking/wading this river is very tough. The flat, uneven rocks and sand make wading treacherous at best. When Bill told us to bring a wading staff he wasn't kidding. I got by fine with felt bottom boots but metal cleats would have helped.

The Arkansas is not a pretty river. Lots of old disgarded pieces of concrete laying all over along with metal and other trash. They need to do a river clean-up in a bad way.

But as for having a striper/hybrid fishery in your backyard like the Arkansas- it's pretty cool, one that alot of Tulsans obviously don't know about. We saw one other wader on the river along with some bank fishermen later in the day.

I'll go home here in alittle bit and download the pics I took and post them.

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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The Arkansas is a challenging place to fish--borderline work sometimes. The wind is a constant, the fish are not.

You alluded to the future of the fishery--I heard from a local that there are plans to build another spillway dam below Zinc. Can anyone validate this? It would change the playing field for sure.

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  • Root Admin


Zinc Dam











Bill landing 13 pounder in the "honey hole"


fly in mouth- barbless thankfully






Fishing just above the "berm"




Bill with his 8 pounder

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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You guys are killing the working people. I sit here, and can only hope, that I will be able to one day fish more. That might be closer than I think. Keep up the pics and the reports. Phil, is it true that Bill cut off your hook on your fly. You might check that next time. :P

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Congratulations! I was there when you landed the 16# striper a few weeks back. I have been fishing the Arkansas hard and have not had any luck minus small whites and hybrids. I have tried numerous flys, etc. and still nothing. I am almost certain that I have fished the very same holes you gentleman have been fishing and at various currents. I am beginning to get frustrated... any suggestions? Are you guys ever using sinking tip lines? Do you think it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time and I just have not been that fortunate yet? Thanks!


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