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Frog Hair vs. Floroucarbon

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I was wondering about hookup ratios. It seems that with the frog hair being extra supple (limp) it would allow the nymph to move more naturally than flouro which can be stiff and brittle. This alone would increase hookup. Any thoughts.


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I use Frog Hair Fluorocarbon in the big spools. I don’t nymph much, but I can get a good drift on a dry fly as well as any mono I have used. I tried the Frog Hair mono tippet material, and hated the stuff. It seemed to have too much “spool” memory, and tended to twist on me. I also get better hook sets, and the strength of the fluorocarbon gives me an edge when my strike is a little too overzealous [can’t get over the ole bass strike reaction]. On the con side, I think the stuff shines a bit too much for dry fly fishing with bright bluebird skies. That problem is solved by fishing shaded areas. Also, every so often, there is a bump in the line fresh off the spool that creates a weak spot IMO. That’s not a big problem, but I make sure to “feel” for any defects before tying to my leader.


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Nothing shines as much as Rio Fluoroflex +. That stuff is probably second on my list of tippet.. behind Orvis Mirage. I totally love the stuff.

The Frog Hair has a little more stretch in it (I think) over the Mirage.. but in the end.. if you lose or break off a fish, it usually has to do with a bad not or nick that went unnoticed.

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