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Crappie report 4-12

Micheal Kyle

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I have been fishing The flat creek arm everyday for about a week. The crappie have just exploded. I had a guide trip on Wednesday for crappie and just tore the big slabs up. We were fly fishing and using 1/80-1/124 jigs under a float and it did not matter what color they were if you got it in front of them they would take the fly.(jig)

I had temp readings in the afternoon of 68-70 depending on where you were as the progressed the fish moved in to the shallows and were pretty much everywhere. In the morning we started fishing the bluffs with pole timber that were ajacent to deep water by the afternoon the fish had moved up and were in sandy pee gravel banks. We had to work the fly very slow in the afternoon. We had a lot of keepers but were only keeping fish that were over 11 inches. The sows that we were catching that had eggs in them we released and there was quite a few of them that still had eggs in them. For the three of us we had around 120 crappie all day and three limits by the end of the day that would avg 12".

We fished down there all day and ther were quite a few diffrences from the am to pm. In the am you will want to fish pole timber and work the fly fast in the afternoon you will want to work it slow and just off the bottom. It seemed that the fish were from 8'-6" good luck to everyone and plase be cautious with all the other boaters that are out it can get pretty harry somtimes with that many people out there.


To Know People Is To Know Thier Ways!

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